How can Millionaires Distinguish Whether Their Love is True Love?


There is a saying: ‘The love and marriage of the poor are the will, the love and marriage of the rich are the businesses’. This is a bit extreme, but there is still some truth!

Love differences between the poor and the millionaires

Poor people may live more stressful lives. They can’t afford a car, a house and a wedding. And they can’t afford to marry the girl they’ve always dreamed of. So he had to compromise with reality and chose a girl he didn’t like. Even if the marriage is unfortunate, it is not so easy to get divorced.

Millionaires seem to have a certain advantage in love. It is undeniable that girls still like to find a rich man, and such a man must have a lot of women around. They may never lack women. As long as they have money, women will pounce on them. This society is so realistic. One day they feel like they can’t go on with their marriage, they choose to divorce. And they can still find one more easily. After their divorce, they can live a comfortable life on their own.

The definition of the millionaires

Let’s talk about the ‘millionaires’ in the concept of universal people. In general, millionaires are not only able to meet their basic life, but also have other spare money to invest, or do their hobbies. They earn millions of dollars, and they can afford many luxuries.

How can millionaire men distinguish whether their love is true love?

For a millionaire, if you want to know if there are some connections between your money and love, the most important thing is how a woman behaves when she’s with you. If she gets together with friends and calls you to pay the bill at last, she loves your money more than you. A woman who has never spent money for herself or you when she’s dating you, she probably doesn’t love you very much, you’re just her ATM. Because no matter for your girlfriend or your ordinary friend, if it is only you to pay alone, it is not love, it is sacrifice. Although love is not for the reward, if you can’t find the balance point, then this millionaire dating relationship is abnormal.

If you’re a millionaire, and the woman can spend money for you, it proves she doesn’t care about your money; and if you’re a millionaire, you are dating a woman. No matter how much she earns, she does not want to quit her current job. So she is not relying on you. She doesn’t feel inferior because of her economic conditions, and she’s happy with her job. So she doesn’t really value your wealth when you’re dating; meanwhile, if both of your families are not equal and you two are coming together, at least you started with love. If she entrust her family problems to you and expect you to solve those problems by your money in the future, then you should think about your relationship, your love!

Therefore, the final points are: Firstly, she relies on you, enjoy your money and pay nothing after dating with you; secondly, she doesn’t want to spend a penny on you; thirdly, she just makes you sacrifice; fourthly, She doesn’t want economic independence. Then, your love has nothing to do with money and love. You’re in love with fake love.