Types of Rich Men That Are Not Dateable

luxury dating sitesFor those who are in search for rich men on a luxury dating site, you need to know that not every rich man that you meet is the perfect one for you. In fact, there are three kinds of rich men that you should avoid completely.

So for all the sugar babies out there or ladies looking for a rich partner, here are the 3 kinds of rich men you need to avoid:

1. Playboys

Even though many feel that having rich playboys as your guy is a good thing. But that is not how things work. These rich playboys have rich fathers who give them allowances to party and enjoy their luxury life. And since it is not the playboys’ money, they do not spend much on the women they are with. Many of these guys spend their money on drugs, drinking and partying.

In fact, these playboys spend just a little money on the girls that chase them to get laid. After that, it ends. Therefore, if you are looking for a rich guy on a luxury dating site to marry someday, playboys are not the right ones for you.

2. Narcissistic Men

These are the men who think that they are the center of attention and are also called the ‘energy vampires.’ In fact, these kinds of men do give their ladies a good time. But the catch here is that they offer a good time because they want to have a good time. In short, they don’t care about the ladies they are with. They love their own luxury in life. And if a rich guy doesn’t care about you, you are wasting your time with him.

You might say it is alright. But let us take an instance. You go out with a narcissistic man and there is a problem with your hotel room. This guy will not do anything to make you comfortable. He would rather have you leave because he will claim that you have a problem and not him. So think before getting with such kind of rich men on any luxury dating site.

3. Stingy Men

Not all rich men are great even though they have all the luxury in life. Many of them are highly stingy and tend to pretend on the initial dates. After a while, they will stop spending money on you. Basically, these rich men feel that they can’t just throw away their hard earned money.

But how will you be able to differentiate the stingy men from a normal rich man? Well, on your first date, you can order something that is highly expensive. With his reaction, you will find out if he is stingy or not. And just to let you know, people spend money on what they value. And if he is not spending on you, you are not valued.

Bottom Line

Stay away from men like these when you search for rich men on luxury dating sites. In fact, Top Ten Men Dating Sites can help you to get with the right kind of rich men. Find out more & good luck!